Corporate Styling

As a Corporate Style Academy, The South African Image Academy and its consultants work together to educate companies in Professional Image, Style and Etiquette in the Corporate environment, focusing on equipping companies’ personnel to look their best, and in doing so, portray a positive image for the company.

This is a fun and informative session with lasting results.

N.B. Tax deductible. Team building. Very beneficial. Build a positive image for your company. Perfect annual team building event.

Corporate Masterclasses

During this 5-hour Master Class you will receive a full style and colour consultation, makeup lesson and the Aletté and her Team will determine your body shape, segments, face shape, neck length and do a Flow Colour Analysis. BEST PART: Access to the ground breaking innovative first of its kind STYLE & COLOUR APP (The APPearance Specialist) The APP will give you access to ALL your garment styles, garment colours, hair colours, makeup colours, accessories, metals and SO much more. This exercise is worth more than R4500 when done during a one on one consultation, but because it is done in a small group set-up, you get all of this for only R2500!

Image Consulting & Styling

This is THE basis of ANY wardrobe. After this session you will learn not only to wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time but a 100% of your wardrobe 100% of the time. The reason that we make so many “mistakes” when shopping is lack of knowledge when it comes to your own styles to suit your physical features and colours to suit your complexion, eyes and hair colour. 

Influencer Marketing

Aletté is a best-selling author, motivational speaker, songwriter, TV presenter, Internationally certified (by the AICI) image consultant, and the CEO of The South African Image Academy.

This multi-talented and much-loved local influencer uses her approachable and engaging personality, unique sense of style and signature wittiness to engage and delight people of all ages.


You walk in 1 way, we do style, colour, wardrobe and shopping (on your budget). We come back with a new wardrobe and you get transformed by a hairstylist with a brand new hairstyle and a life-changing make-up lesson. All in 1 day.

Online Masterclass

You will be able to learn everything you would have learned at an in-person Masterclass, in the comfort of your own home!

And, it gives you time to properly work through all the theory and really understand it. Because it is pre-recorded, Aletté also had time to go into more depth on many of the things she teaches. This is truly a value proposition. It is also very important that you should know that EVERYTHING that was going to happen at the in-person Masterclass, will happen here. You will get a full style & colour consultation as well as a makeup lesson!

Motivational Speaking

Corporate Speaking: Aletté-Johanni can educate any employee or employer on what is acceptable and what not in the workplace. From dressing appropriately, standing, sitting and answering the phone to other forms of etiquette.

Ladies Events: Planning a ladies’ breakfast, high tea or any other ladies’ get-together?
Aletté-Johanni is a natural speaker and entertainer and will not only leave your crowd roaring with laughter but also even shed a tear or two…Her talks have lots of fun and lots of depth!

Church Events: Aletté-Johanni has a passion for speaking about inner healing and issues in people’s lives, about your walk with God and about speaking life.