About Aletté

As a motivational speaker, Aletté embarks on journeys across the country, challenging toxic mindsets and igniting inspiration within individuals to unlock their God-given potential. Infusing her presentations with a delightful personality, a unique sense of humour, and a blend of thought-provoking truths, Aletté authentically shares her issues and struggles. Addressing a spectrum of topics close to her heart, she leaves audiences deeply moved and eagerly anticipating more.

Adding to her diverse portfolio, Aletté hosted a makeover program, “Hou op wegsteek,” on DSTV Channel 147. Here, she guided contestants to dress according to their shape, size, and colour while providing valuable advice to VIA viewers.
In 2017, Aletté assumed the role of owner and CEO of The South African Image Academy. After achieving international certification with AICI, she became the first Internationally Certified Image Consultant Trainer in South Africa. This accreditation enables her to train image consultants globally, influencing individuals worldwide. Aletté’s innovative contributions include the creation of the “Pocket Stylist” app, revolutionising the Image Industry. In 2021, she introduced the Online Toolkit, allowing image consultants to connect with clients online, especially during limited human interaction.

Demonstrating her entrepreneurial prowess, Aletté founded and chaired numerous enterprises. In March 2022, she launched Palette CollectiW & Co, a collaborative clothing and accessory range, providing clients with attire tailored to their style and colour preferences.
Her most recent venture, The Confidence Co, centres on soft-skill training in self-development. Through Girl-School, Aletté delivers confidence, leadership development, and training for girls, tweens, and teens.

While her endeavours are vast, Aletté’s priorities remain rooted in her faith and her husband, Heinz. Together, they proudly nurture one high-school student (Lian), two delightful primary school boys—(Simeon, and Reuben)—and an incredible little girl, Alannah. Blessed in Somerset West, the Winckler family thrives in a haven of love and support.


Image & Style History and Experience

Aletté-Johanni Winckler’s passion for style started at a young age, and even as a (broke) Journalism student at RAU, she always found a way to look classically stylish. As soon as she started earning her own money in corporate as a marketer and manager, a great deal of it was spent on the most beautiful outfits. During her travels to the USA, Japan, Canada, and Europe with her husband, Heinz Winckler (first SA Idols winner 2002), her dream of making styling a career became more vivid.

Once back in SA and after extensive research, she enrolled in a course at the then internationally acclaimed SOUTH AFRICAN IMAGE COMPANY. Here, Aletté mastered the ins and outs of Style & Colour Analysis, Fashion Styling, Corporate Style, Wardrobe Recovery, and Personal Shopping and received the qualification of Certified Image Consultant and Stylist.

She has seen hundreds of clients one-on-one. A few of her style and colour clients include Mrs United Nations International (Kona Brown), 2nd place Mrs United Nations (Lily Geerdts), Lindi Niemand (Ester Musical 2011), Chireze Hoogendyk (wife of Elvis Blue), Marli Lategan (2nd Place SARIE Voorblad Kompetisie 2011), Lady Hester Martin (wife of Sir Bob Martin) and Judge Sisi Kamphepe (Justice of the Constitutional Court). She also styled the cover page of “Intiem Tydskrif” for a few years and has done styling for Huisgenoot/You, LIG Tydskrif, SARIE Tydskrif, Finesse Tydskrif, You Diets, and Get-it magazine. S She has also styled Lika and Clyde Berning (Binnelanders, Vrou soek Boer, Liefling), James and Anel Alexander (Egoli, Semi-Soet, Discreet, The Wild and 7de Laan), Zetske van Pletzen and Altus Theart (7de laan, Getroud met Rugby,

Tree Aan and Binnelanders), Angelique Gerber and Ben-G (Angeligue & Jnr., 7de Laan, Boer soek ‘n vrou), Arno and Lizani Jordaan (Afrikaans Pop Singer), Jakkie Louw (Pop Singer) and wife Anel, Lindi Strydom and husband Sakkie (DKNT gospel, Geloof, Hoop en Liefde, Egoli, Groot Ontbyt), Bertha Le Roux (7de Laan) and husband Carel, ROMANZ and Lynne de Jager (Mrs SA 2011/12).

Other styling projects under her belt include CD cover shoots for Heinz Winckler, Joe Niemand, and Manie Jackson and event styling for Night of Light (Joe Niemand, Coleske, and Band), Luidkeels Oorgegee recording with Retief Burger and Leza Liversage.

Her biggest styling job to date was dressing Nadia Beukes in 58 outfits for the 8th season of kykNET’s biggest show “Boer soek ‘n Vrou”. For her own book, “Trek aan met Selfvertroue” Aletté had the honour of styling the likes of Dorette Potgieter (SA Actress), Simoné Nortmann (SA Actress), Andriëtte Norman (SA Pop Singer), Karien Basson, (Tygerberg 104FM) Je-Anie Swiegelaar (SA Actress), and Liza Brönner (SA Pop Singer).

Aletté birthed and recorded a few episodes of an online style program called aitSA!, which is available on YouTube.

Another fun project was hosting VIA’s makeover show: “Hou op Wegsteek!” This exciting show has inspired thousands of women nationwide to prioritise themselves and come for a makeover.

        About Aletté


As a public figure and speaker, Aletté shares her knowledge with women’s groups, corporates, churches, finishing schools and brides, equipping them with extensive information and guidelines for what works in their specific spheres. To date, Aletté has spoken to over 30 000 people, motivating them in a humorous, fun and entertaining way to find new confidence and allowing them to fulfil their style and image goals and walk away filled with faith and hope



After the birth of their second son, Aletté wrote three children’s books called Lulla-Bible. She co-owns the lullaby range consisting of 4 CDs and 2 DVDs. Her Lulla-Bible/Lulla-Bybel has sold more than 100 000 copies in South Africa, the USA, Australia and the UAE, making her a three-time best seller. It seems like her newest children’s book: “Gediggies vir Vrolike Gesiggies”, wants to follow in those footsteps. She has also written three self-help and motivational books aimed at women.  The first, “More is Maandag”, was published early in 2014. This book was inspired by her regular blog on Sarie.com, where she once had the most read and popular blog with more than 80 000 readers. Her 2nd book for women of all shapes and sizes saw the light in November 2015. “Trek aan met Selfvertroue” is every woman’s guide on how to dress for her body type, style, and personality. The 3rd book “Die Spreuke 31 Vrou”, has inspired many bookings for Aletté to speak at ladies’ events about the same topic. Unfortunately, all of these books are out of print. However, her daily devotional “Palet vol Vreugde” was released in October 2021, and her latest book, “Kom ons praat oor die Huwelik”, co-written with her husband, was published in February 2022.


Aletté comes from a very musical family and started playing the piano at an early age. She was a member of the Mpumalanga Youth Choir and has successfully completed her UNISA Gr. 7 Piano Exam. At University, she was responsible for all the vocal training for “Sangfees”, “Serrie” and all other concerts of her residence and was a member of RAU Choir for three years. Together with her best friend, Sumari Schoeman and Zander Hattingh, they were finalists in the ATKV Crescendo 2003. After University, she continued using her passion for music as a worship leader, on vocals and keyboard, at His People/Every Nation Christian Church. After marrying Heinz, she was very excited to continue feeding her passion for music by performing with him and becoming a published songwriter for his albums. Once she started writing the Lullabies, she couldn’t stop and had never felt more alive in her life. She now leads worship alongside her Heinz at Lovekey Church every Sunday in Somerset West and online.

Some things you may

not know about me


⁠I have two flully black fur babies named: "Pablo" & "Pedro"


⁠I am very competitive


⁠I am a serious investigator


⁠I play the piano and sing


My fav drink is sparkling water with Lemon Essential oil


I am a pencil person


⁠I have been to 33 countries and 33 American states


⁠I have consulted more than 3000 clients in style & colour over the course of 15 years


I was the first to take a "Look of the day" in South Africa in 2012


I have been to 32 countries & 33 American States


⁠I had the privilege to give natural birth to 4 babies over 4kgs.


The Flare Factory

The Flare Factory is the umbrella company under which several companies create capacity for others to blossom. Although we operate with flair, there is a holding company flaring out over five companies.

These five spokes currently consist of Aletté-Johanni Winckler Inc. as well as the following companies:

SA Image Academy

SA Image Academy was born out of a need to train up image consultants to duplicate what Aletté had already done so successfully. Presenting both in-person training as well as online training this ever-growing academy is championed by the Academy Queen, Rozanne Serdyn.


Pocket Stylist

The need arose to provide image consultant clients a lasting tool with their specific colour and style results, Aletté developed an app to provide the information to the client to take home with them. This soon exploded into an interactive app called the Pocket Stylist, currently in the final development phase.


Palette CollectiW & Co.

Palette CollectiW & Co. addresses the needs of our clients for colour and style-specific clothing. In collaboration with local clothing designers, Aletté is launching a clothing brand to provide clients with clothes and accessories, matching their assessment results by an image consultant. 


The Confidence Co.

As of January 2022, the fifth spoke was added. The Confidence Company presents training in discovering and developing individuals of all ages. Girl-School addresses a unique beauty in finishing and etiquette.



Dare to find your flair in how you think and what you wear!

LoveKey Church

LoveKey Church is an independent, local Bible-based Christian fellowship based in Somerset West, Cape Town, South Africa. It was founded by Heinz and Aletté Winckler and it is led by them, their family and leadership team. The vision of the church is to see healthy families build a healthy nation, one family at a time.

The mission: to be a place where people can Encounter God, Align with His Purposes in order to Reign in life and help others to do the same.

Currently gathering every Sunday 09:30 at Somerset West Primary’s After-Care Center. You can also watch their services online at https://lovekeymission.com/partner, Lovekey Church on Facebook, at https://youtube.com/c/LoveKeyChurch on Youtube or listen to the podcast on your favourite platform.