Motivational Speaker

Corporate Speaking

Aletté-Johanni can educate any employee or employer on what is acceptable and what not in the workplace.

From dressing appropriately, standing, sitting and answering the phone to other forms of etiquette.

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Ladies Events

Planning a ladies’ breakfast, high tea or any other ladies’ get-together?

Aletté-Johanni is a natural speaker and entertainer and will not only leave your crowd roaring with laughter but also even shed a tear or two...Her talks have lots of fun and lots of depth!

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Church Events

Aletté-Johanni has a passion for speaking about inner healing and issues in people's lives, about your walk with God and about speaking life.

She has spoken at Faith Network’s RWRL conference and her session was broadcast to millions of viewers. She is passionate about everything pertaining marriage, motherhood, personal identity and most of all God!

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