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March 4, 2015
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February 15, 2017

How to look 5 kg’s lighter instantly.

“Nothing makes a women more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful” – Sophia Loren


Who does not look at herself in the mirror after a long December holiday and think: “WHAT HAVE I DONE!!??” Why did I not say no to the Christmas pudding, all the wine, the constant snacks, the gamon and lamb roast and all the other festive foods! I honestly personally do not know HOW anybody keeps their figures over the December Holidays. And if you are one of those who do…I DON’T LIKE YOU!… Just Kidding… (No Really)

Every gym and fitness institution owner out there BEAMS over this time because they know in January they will be laughing all the way to the bank. Every January we start again. We try again. We do it again. But unfortunately from the 1st of Jan to the first day of work there is not enough time to show you have changed your cucumber in gin and tonic to a cucumber salad. So we need to make another plan…


I know how it feels to stand in front of your cupboard on that first day back at work and dread trying anything on. So if you are anything like me you will try every trick in the book to hide all the evidence of a very enjoyable holiday. Luckily, if you are a girl, there are a few things you can do. And here they are:


Sooooo my secret is out. If you find me in heals, you might as well know I am having a “fat-day”. Luckily, not always. But most of the days! The skinnier the heal and the more pointy the toe, the better, but be sure you know how to handle those beauties that you last wore before three kids….


By matching your shoe colour to your leg you immediately create the illusion of length. Length helps… nuff said.




What happens underneath your clothes…stays underneath your clothes. There are many many many amazing forms of shapewear that can literally transform the shape of your body. Do not let pride stand in between a flabby you and a fabby you.





Wear your hair out and away from your face! If you have the length, a bun right on top adds height and slims down the face. I remember my one friend going pixie just after she found out she was pregnant. She confessed to me a few months afterwards about how THAT was not a good idea…





All of us have either heard or used the frase: “TANNED fat is better than WHITE fat”.  And I must admit that sunkissed glow after a wonderful holiday helps  with handling the other more severe weighty issues. But, of course, two days back in the office under the artificial light and aircon and you can kiss that tan good-bye. Luckily for us living in the 21st century there are amazing new Self-Tan products out there and you do not need to look like an orange after self appliance. (Ask me how… later) The right products hide a multitude of sins: cellulite, stretch marks and varicose veins. It is well worth the effort.





If you stick to the same hues from top to bottom you create an untinterrupted vertical line, which in turn will make you look taller and thinner. Stark contrast between your top and bottom draw eyes to the middle and the only “Middle” we want to focus on is a sitcom on DSTV




Accessories have the potential and power to put focus on very strategically planned places. Long necklaces add length to a short neck, big chandeliers say : “look at my face and not at da body!”, stacks of bangles and sparkly cuffs draw attention to your small wrists instead of the upper arms!



  1. V V VA VA VOOM.

There are those little lessons in life that yo’ mama taught you that still seem to stay true. The one is that a V neck-line is your go to in ANY SITUATION: double chin, chubby cheeks, short neck, big bust…you name it. The more skin you show between chin and chest (within reason) the better your proportions will seem overall. Wider V-Necks visually balance broad hips and thighs.




Most women roaming the malls and streets of your local town, are wearing the WRONG SIZE BRA! A professional Bra-Fitter can help you determine whether two kids back bra’s are still working out for you… or are you working yourself out of them? There’s nothing quite like bulging back fat in a too tight fitted bra. Give the girls some space for crying out loud… Everyone will breathe better 😉

  1. Pick Pocket

Clean streamlined jeans are the way to go especially if they are dark with unembellished pockets. Avoid extra details and focal points that draw the eye to the unwanted areas. (And now you know exactly what to do if you would like to draw the eye right there…)

And there you go. Before the end of January you would have lost your first 3 kilos but even before that, you would have looked 5kg’s lighter. Enjoy the JOURNEY!



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