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October 22, 2014
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March 4, 2015


January 2015…What a start to an exciting new year! After a whirlwind end of a tough 2014 we were happy for a 2nd chance…a clean slate, call it what you want: A NEW YEAR! After a very necessary and needed 3 days away with my husband to just get on the same page about our life, our emotions, our kids, our dreams, our businesses,  our family, our future and ultimately our FAITH; we were (almost) ready for 2015!

13 January 2015

My first look of the YEAR represent the first day back at work, and a very exciting day indeed it was for setting up the new year. You HAVE to dream, YOU HAVE TO WANT IT, and THEN YOU have to make it happen! Work?? what is your work you might ask? What we have learned though…and it was a FLIPPING very expensive to ONLY do what HE says we must do…TO say NO more often, otherwise we burn out and our children get the least of us, and that is not fair. So in this year, if I am going to say “No” to you, please don’t crucify me, but trust that I prayed about the matter and my involvement and that my answer is not from myself.

“First look of 2015; Navy and Turquoise- I remember from my corporate days the January dress style is still very relaxed. Everyone wants to show their tans and keep the memory of a relaxing December vivid for as long as possible…”

15 January 2015  

Watermelon and Mint…in the spirit of the (still clinging in the air) holiday season…

“Look of the day: T-Shirt Trenery Full A-Line Skirt shoes Rage Shoes South Africa ear buttons cute-as-a-button-2012 bangle Poetry Stores have a beautiful hot day!”

16 January 2015

This was a big day for us; flying to Joburg for a fast IN and OUT to record the PROMO for M-NET’s NEXT BIG THING: “POWER COUPLE” Be sure not to miss out on thát one…It is going to be GOOOOD!!

First look of the day

“Travel to Jhb Look of the day: Jump Suit YDE, Jackie O Jacket Forever 21, Shoes Sissy Boy (but really old) Off to do a Very Exciting Job…!”

16 January 2015

Second look of the day:
There was not a lot of time to change the hair but you will recognize this as the look that you see every evening on your M-Net screens. Loved every moment of the shoot…LOVE the camera..what can I say…we are both little performers..;-) (The brief was, black/white or I thought I’ll give them a little of everything)

“2nd Look of the day with my Very Significant other! Jumpsuit YDE, shoes Call It Spring and him…well of course??”

19 January 2015

There is NO time like SUMMER and there is NO time like summer living in the CAPE. I am thankful that I do not need to dress up in Corporate Wear everyday, but when I do it occasionally I do enjoy it. My mission was to get short summer dresses to help with the upkeep of my (once) tan. Even if it is just to get from the car to the store, I do not want to be covered, I want to soak up the sun!

“January low budget look of the day: Dress and shoes Mr Price / MRP

22 January 2015

For those of you who haven’t noticed yet. I LOVE NAVY BLUE and WHITE…STRIPES, polka dots, solids you name it. Also love giving you guys choices in the matter of what to wear because believe it or not, I DO NOT KNOW EVERYTHING 😉

“Another low budget outfit: Dress Pick n Pay tan shoes Foschini navy shoes Mr. Price You help me choose the shoes! “

26 January 2015

This was an incredible day! Breaking a 21 Day FAST on the beautiful Mooiberge Strawberry farm will always be close to my heart. This place is SPECTACULAR… The Camenberg and Fig pizza is…WELL all I can say MY FAVORITE PIZZA IN THE WHOLE WORLD! Even their cuppacinos are on different level. Monday’s are our new found OFF day. Our Sabbath. Because we both generally work over weekends we decided to have a Monday as our time with the Lord, time with each other, and time with the kids day… Recommitting our rest…MY WORD for the year. REST! Our holidays are slot in. Our weekends away. No more rat race. No more chasing the wind. LIVE!

“Enjoying our off Day Monday at Mooiberge Strawberry Farm with the kids- look of the day! White semi- torn jeans (Somewhere abroad) navy blue v- neck t-shirt Trenery, hartjie oorbelle Met Hart en Siel Geskenk en Klerewinkel skoene en hoed WOOLWORTHS SA”

28 January 2015

First look of the day

Shorts is SO much fun…AND yes…I am probably only getting into shorts now BUT one of these days I am going to LOOK HOT HOT HOT 😉 (at the rate I am exercising now) And I am 35 now…one of these days it will just not be allowed anymore, so I will wear them while I can. The printed T-Shirt from Woollies is also a step up from your teenage T-s

“Another casual day in studio recording Zzzz Lullabyes/Zzzz Lullabaais and then later this afternoon a speaking engagement.. Soft T and flIp flops WOOLWORTHS SA, linen shorts ZARA

28 January 2015

Second look of the day

Later that day I had the honor to speak to 400 first years at Stellenbosch University. They were so tired. I remember those days. Thankfully I decided before my first year (at the then R.A.U) started that I WILL make the most of my University days, and I can honestly say, I DID! It was one of the most memorable and special times in my life, but standing there in front of those young young ladies, I was thankful that 35 is my new homeland. 3 kids and almost 10 years of marriage later. Feeling more comfortable in my skin with the yearning to please God and no other…

“2nd sorbet look of the day- had the great priviledge to speak to 300/400 first years at @Minerva women’s res at Stellenbosch University. Beautiful girls but oh so tired…”

29 January 2015

 FIRST Look of the day: Life is TOO short for NOT having flowers in your life! Phenology
is owned by Nox who has her doctorate in Botany and man oh man…can I see that! My DULL colored outfit was complimented with her beautiful colourful flowers. But I must say I am glad that my once pregnancy shirt can easily double up as a summer dress…(once again)

“Vandag se look word gekomplimenteer deur die beautiful blomme van Phenology Flowers hier in Somerset Wes! Ek wil so min as moontlik nodig aantrek! Hierdie was n bloes tydens my swangerskappe- maar nou n sonrokkie van Forever New so dankbaar die maag maak hom nie meer korter nie… “

29 January 2015

Second look of the day

You might have a few questions, what is up with the funny swapped feet, what is up with the sandals with a formal dress…and then, ladies and gentlemen, I tell you: This was my outfit from for the first premier of the FABULOUS Romantic Dramady “Mooirivier”. My husband plays one of the lead roles and may I just add, DID VERY WELL!! The premier was in Kirstenbosch Gardens and it was one of the most BEAUTIFUL evenings EVER! (Hence the flat sandals— they DO have some bling on it-) and I wasn’t really supposed to dress up so much but HEY, it was my first official movie premier as one of the partners of the stars of the show…so there had to be a little bit of BLING! The cross legged stance does look like there is something wrong with a da feet…but YOU know the truth! What a great movie, what an exceptional husband and WHAT an AMAZING and promising JANUARY!!

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