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February 19, 2015
New year, new things
January 15, 2017

Dis altyd wonderlik om te sien hoe almal reageer as ek julle voor ‘n keuse sit. EK LOVE DIT! Almal se stem moet gehoor word…Hierdie keuse was vir my eintlik uiters maklik. Die sjampanje pienk rok was eintlik heeltemaal te groot. Ek wou dit nie aan julle weergee nie en knyp hom vas. Ek wou hê die besluit moes regverdig wees. Ek is wé baie mal oor die nude skoene…

3 February

Tonight is the big premiére for “Mooirivier” I got both outfits from spree.co.za sooooo which one SHOULD I wear and which one am I going to wear??? You choose and let me know…


3 Februarie

Hoe heerlik was dit nie om alleen saam met my man weg te gaan nie..It was a quick flight to Joburg, a longish drive to Potch, a lovely lunch, a even more lovely afternoon nap and then we got ready for the BIG event. For those of you who STILL haven’t seen the movie…SIES vir julle! 😉

And the winner was… The pink dress is absolutely beautiful but was a bit big for me, you couldn’t see it in how I stood but the black RUFF TUNG was a complete winner!!

 5 February

I love the leopard…And I love the peachy pink and I love the combination…Can’t really remember what happened on this day…February was quite the whirlwind!

Thursday full of exciting meetings look of the day: top: @Y.D.E trousers: @Forever New, Shoes Mr Price / MRP necklace @Woolworths_SA

 9 February

Here is the leopard again. This top and the previous pants are actually a set…Watch this space, in March I am going to wear them together to create the jumpsuit/one piece look! Believe me, feels totally weird to take selfies like this, but if there is no one else around, a boer makes a plan!

Monday look of the day: leopard print blouse: Forever New South Africa, black shorts: spree.co.za and leather flip flops WOOLWORTHS SA , shades Dolce & Gabbana and watch Michael Kors ! Have a beautiful week!

 12 February

The Birthday… In some senses my best birthday ever…but more about that a whole lot later. I loved the dress when I saw it, but was way too short…A boer makes a plan though.. Love being 35. It is SO much better than 25…and I believe 45 ROCKS!

Look of the Birth-DAY- my little (cheap) party dress from Mr Price / MRP it was too short so my mom helped me extend it with lace and ribbon! Shoes WOOLWORTHS SA and belt Trenery

17 February

I, personally loved the look! It is not the best pictures but how I feel in a maxi skirt is just priceless. This was a day of sourcing clothes for my next Finesse Shoot. I shoot 3 month’s editions on one day. But more about that later. What it means though is on a sourcing day I must source three outfits for three models…Try to say thát 10 times fast…Maybe not your favorite..but I loved it!

Finesse Tydskrif Shoot Sourcing Shopping look of the day: Body suit and Maci skirt Forever New Pink lacy Flip Flops Mr Price / MRP Bangle: PoetryFlowers: Phenology Flowers

 18 February

SHOOT DAY! Always FUN, ALWAYS stressful, always amazing with lots and lots of challenges. Lucky for me the shoot was in Somerset West and was I able to pop out in my lunch break and fetch all my boys and bring them to mommy’s work… They LOVED it, for a while at least! But just look what the cat brought in…Their spur-of-the-moment photos by Vanessa Correia are going up in HUGE enlargements in our new house! (Which by the way is coming along strongly)

My “never wear red lips” look of the day! Nautical much? Striped T ZARADungarees: Truworths Fashion, wedges WOOLWORTHS SA bag: @semiWILD hair and make up: Tarmin Fick Hair and make up Artist

 20 February

Off to Joburg for a speaking engagement at a ladies’ morning and used the previous day to catch up with my besties and my cousin Johanni Spies to talk about our new business You Honey…GET it?? I do love the jumpsuit feel though…But make sure that your body shape can pull on o’ them off…

Travel to Jhb look of the day: jumpsuit: @YDE at the naked sale… Leather belt and wedges @Woolworths_SA! Hope you all have beautiful Friday!!!

 21 February

Leeuwenhof Akademie! What a lovely morning. So many beautiful women in one room. My bad hair day turned out alright with the hair all pulled to one side. The low angled pic adds about 5 kilos, but hey, that’s life! Always lovely to talk about my book, and inspire others to read it. Thank you so much to GERA who came all the way from Linden to drop the box I forgot in my tiredness! After the two make up lessons I gave after my talk, it was straight to the airport, hence the white wine and fruit in the slow lounge! *They have sparkling water ON TAP!! I LOVE THAT!

What a great two days in Jozi!! Dankie Leeuwenhof Akademie Christelike Afrikaanse Privaatskool vir n fantastiese damesoggend! Samantha, ZET en Mahiha…, Sussila en Cehané, Annemarie- my tenkie is weer vol! Johanni…ons gaan groot!!

24 February

It is truly impossible sometimes to hide your tiredness. For me anyways. I mostly wear my heart on my sleeve so my immediate neighbors (mostly) always know what is going on in my hea(rt)d. This was taken in our boarding lounge just before we boarded for Jhb en route London. The trip realized in about 4 days after confirming that Heinz’s passport and our visas were going to be on time. But I must admit NEVER EVER have the Wincklers traveled with everything sorted way in advance. NEVER. We always run on the plane or through the boarding gate after just receiving some kind of super important information piece etc…Yes, we are THOSE travellers…But luckily for US @Sky Arch is taking over our travel arrangements for our October Family Holiday to Mauritius, otherwise we might have ended up in Madagascar…

Okayyyy!!! Travel day again: but this time it is Cpt- Jhb Jhb- Lon!! That is London that is! Will post more later…

What an experience: The launch of the Neil Blomkamp movie: “Chappie”. We were the two representives from South Africa. There were 8 countries represented. All the others were serious BLOGGERS and FLOGGERS (what the??) with SERIOUS online following..We felt Old…and COLD…Got to the hotel room at 8:00 exhausted after the flight and VERY hungry. They told us we must be ready at 8:25 for our first meeting with mister Blomkamp…Oh my…this was my first look with the white Spree Coat…done in 20 minutes..The rest of the day was quite the blur but it was serious fun. On Thursday we had the whole day off and we explored London and H&M some more…On Friday morning we were off too before we left for the airport. 2 nights on a plane and 2 in one fancy shmancy hotel. It was the ABSOLUTE best to see our children and I am so super thankful that my parents are close and that they are so willing… Thank you Sony Pictures for the lovely spoil!

p.s looking forward to the winter in SA, the sneakers, the scarves and coats…LOVE IT!


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