South Africa’s Leading YouTube Style Program

Energetic, interesting, instructive and full of fun are only a few words to describe this program.

aitSA! is the brain child of three dynamic ladies, each with a unique style and personality who give the words ‘style program’ a whole new look. Aimed at the (more or less) average woman (and man), aitSA! is much more than just makeovers; these ladies dig in celebrities’ wardrobes, give tips on the latest fashion trends, answer a bunch of tough questions and much more. The first video was launched Friday, 9 August 2013 on YouTube. A unique feature about aitSA! is that it combines the expertise, knowledge, experience, beauty secrets and style tips of three top image consultants, stylists and a make-up artist in one dynamic program. The many controversial aspects around style and image will be discussed in aitSA! by these ladies who, together, have nearly 20 years of combined experience. The ladies sometimes differ in opinion and this brings some laughter about and also proves that not everything in fashion is only black and white. The first episode had 500 hits within one day and viewers’ positive feedback on the video and their anticipation of the following episodes are flooding the social media. The three ladies on the aitSA! team are: Aletté-Johanni Winckler, Donna Kennedy-Meyer and Minnette Oliver. Aletté-Johanni is a tv-host, an image consultant and stylist and besides seeing individuals and groups of clients, she regularly styles magazine cover shoots and she also blogs for well-known magazines and presents corporate seminars with Donna – style consultant and make-up artist who also does some editorial work. Minnette is the co-founder and CEO of SA Image Company and SA Image Academy, training and equipping image consultants while she’s also a professional image consultant.

To watch the videos, visit the Aitsa Youtube Channel.